Chiptuning file service for professionals.

About Lion Chiptuning Files

Are you looking for a supplier of high-quality chiptuning software? Then you have come to the right place. 

We have years of experience in chiptuning. What sets us apart from the major software suppliers is the personal approach. We regularly give courses and workshops to our dealers. 

Our software is extensively tested on a 4×4 dyno. We do this mainly ourselves but also in close cooperation with our professional partner network. Every chiptuning file we supply is guaranteed to be tested. 

Do you start a new business or do you want to grow? Do it together with us! Long waiting is not an issue with us. You will receive the tuning file back in your mail at lightning speed.

Our website

Our website is intuitive and straight forward. After purchasing credits, you can submit a Tuning request with the original software. In the DTC lookup you will find a detailed description of error codes and via the support screen you can easily ask your question regarding a tuning file.

tuning files

Your tuning files

We keep track of all your original files and the tuning files we custom-made in a database. This way your original and modified files can be downloaded at any time.

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